Do I have tinnitus?

Maybe you are asking yourself: Do I have tinnitus? If you hear noises or sounds in your head, you might suffer from tinnitus.

How do I know if I have tinnitus? If you experience a constant ringing, buzzing, pounding, whistling or ringing in your ears you probably have tinnitus.

Tinnitus varies considerably in intensity and type. Some people describe tinnitus as high-frequency whistling sounds while others perceive tinnitus as a buzzing noise or a sound similar to butter sizzling in a frying pan. Some experience a thumping sound in the same rhythm as their heartbeat. Read more about types of tinnitus.

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Hear Tinnitus
Hear Tinnitus

Some are very bothered by their tinnitus while others learn to live with their tinnitus and some hardly notice the constant ringing, buzzing or whistling in their ears at all. The more intense or loud the tinnitus is, the more likely is it that the tinnitus influences your daily life.

Get your hearing checked

If you experience tinnitus, you might also have a hearing loss. So, if you have tinnitus, we recommend that you get your hearing checked by a hearing professional.

Why did I get tinnitus?

Most commonly, tinnitus is caused by exposure to noise. It may be caused by working in noisy surroundings, noisy leisure activities or listening to loud music in headphones or at concerts. Other causes may be brain or head injuries, medication, stress, infections, Menièrè's disease and certain types of tumors. . Read more about causes of tinnitus.

Living with tinnitus

Unfortunately, tinnitus cannot be cured and there is currently no treatment. But if you think you have tinnitus you can get more information about how to live with tinnitus.

Do you have tinnitus?

What does your tinnitus sound like? Is it like our examples? Or does it sound different? Listen to our examples of tinnitus.

Both tinnitus and hearing loss

If you think that you might have tinnitus you could also have a hearing loss. Many people suffering from tinnitus also suffer from hearing loss. If you think that you may have both tinnitus and a hearing loss, the best advice is to contact a hearing health professional to get your hearing checked. Read more about tinnitus and hearing loss.

What does tinnitus sounds like?

Listening to tinnitus sounds can help you better understand how it is like to live with tinnitus. Listen online to what tinnitus sounds like

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