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September 11, 2007

Ear infections more common in summer season

Fifty percent increase in the number of cases of ear infections, e.g. otitis media, during summer found in Mexico.

Year after year the number of ear infections increases during the summer, according to several studies and reports.

Untreated otitis may lead to hearing loss

The varying types and degrees of otitis (e.g. otitis media) are common. An alarmingly higher incidence in the summer has been found to be associated with swimming in and being at the beach, swimming pools, rivers and lakes. Bacteria and/or fungi may enter into the ear causing otitis.

Alejandro Vargas Aguayo, Chief of the ENT department at Siglo XXI National Medical Centre of IMSS in Mexico, issued a warning about the increased numbers of otitis cases in Mexico. When suffering from otitis, the first step is to visit the family doctor or an ENT doctor to obtain the appropriate treatment. This is essential because an untreated otitis may lead to hearing loss, among other conditions and diseases.

Some of the most common symptoms of otitis includes ear inflammation, ear pain, fever, and a feeling of the ears being plugged or blocked.

A visit to a family doctor is advisable if you or someone you know suffer from these symptoms.

Source: Boletín del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, IMSS, newsletter, Num. 250, June 2007.

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