Earplugs make a difference

A set of earplugs can make a big difference when going to a concert, night club or other places where loud music is being played.

You can get them everywhere. At pharmacies, in most supermarkets and kiosks and even at many festival and concert venues. The earplugs are those few grams which can ensure that your hearing ability remains intact - also in ten years. Most earplugs reduce noise by 20 to 30 dB.

Many people know the type of earplugs that is made from soft foam. This type, however, does not reduce all frequencies to the same extent. As a consequence, many of the high and mid-range frequencies are left out.
Moreover, some earplug types are made of soft silicone and have a dual purpose, providing protection against both noise and water.

If, instead, you use the slightly more expensive plastic or rubber earplugs, the sound quality is kept intact, while still reducing the noise level.

Wear earplugs which reduce sound in a linear pattern, as sound reduction will be uniform across all frequencies.

Good advice:

  • Wear the earplugs while listening to loud music. If you remove the earplugs, if only for a short while, the stress increases significantly.
  • Follow the directions for use, and insert the earplugs correctly.
  • Keep the earplugs clean.

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