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Film maker Almodóvar suffering from tinnitus

Pedro Almodóvar, famed Spanish movie director is suffering from Tinnitus. He fills his home with music morning, noon and night to combat this new scourge of his life.

”Diabolical, a loud noise existing only for me,” said movie director Pedro Almodóvar when describing the tinnitus he has suffered from since the fall of 2007. Almodóvar is the most famous contemporary Spanish movie maker whose internationally renowned films include ’Hable con ella’, ’Volver’ and ’All About my Mother’.

Combating tinnitus with music

At first, Almodóvar thought that perhaps the loud noise in his ears was a symptom of another disease. ”I went through countless examinations and tests to see if it was caused by a tumour or something else. But there was nothing,” he told the Spanish El País newspaper.

Now he is determined to live with his tinnitus. The movie maker is using music as his weapon for survival. He is playing music in his home in every waking moment. ‘Music for all occasions, an everyday sound track,’ he calls it. ”The most banal routine, such as walking down the hallway, is transformed into something entirely different,” he said.

Source: El País

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