Follow-ups, maintenance and upgrades

After having your hearing implant activated, there will be some follow-ups to monitor hearing performance. The external parts of the hearing implant may also need some maintenance and repair from time to time and once in a while there may also be some software upgrades as technology develops.

After your hearing implant has been activated, you will be in regular contact with the CI centre in the first weeks and months after the implantation. During the sessions, individual hearing performance is monitored by audiometry and other measurements. Adjustments to the settings may be made to improve hearing and to fit individual needs. After some time, there will normally be longer intervals between the follow-ups.

External parts

The external parts of the implant, including the sound processor / audio processor, may require some maintenance and repair. The external parts can be affected by the user’s daily environment and how the parts are handled.

Software upgrades

At the time of implantation, the hearing implant system is state of the art. But technology develops and new advances in sound processing and other technology used in hearing implants are always developing. Therefore, upgrades of the sound processor / processor will take place from time to time. These upgrades should fit the existing implant.

Children with cochlear implants

When a child is born, the cochlea is completely developed and has reached its adult size. No further gain in size or change in shape is expected after birth. Therefore, under normal circumstances, a child who has been implanted with a cochlear implant does not have to get the internal part of the implant replaced as they grow up.


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