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When I was about 18 months old my mom would notice that I was not responding to normal sound as most 18 month old children.

We went to the family doctor and she denied that I had hearing loss. My mother finally got frusterated and took me to an audiologist at the age of three. She was right I was hearing impaired. I have no hearing i my left ear at all and profound to severe hearing loss in my right ear.

Now 10 years later I'm a happy 13 year old going to a public school and have tons of friends. I didn't adjust to my hearing aid right away, I often felt alone and scared. The one thing that made me who I am today is the love my parents and siblings gave me and forever will.

Annie McIntyre

Elaine Proctor
This is exactly what I needed to hear. My 6 and a half week old son Ryan had his hearing aids fitted today and I am scared for his school years and being accepted. It is people like you who defy the sceptics....1295835892
I was born with moderate hearing loss and just wanted to say that with love and support from a family I am doing just fine. I am 35 now and a teacher and it is inspiring to see children accepting others. We all have challenges, some more obvious than others!

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