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Hearing loss may at first seem innocuous and be temporary. It could manifest itself as a ringing or buzzing in the ear or muffling of sound after a visit to a noisy restaurant, concert, shooting range or sports stadium. If these symptoms disappear, they should be taken as a warning to take preventive steps to protect your hearing against a repeat.
But if the symptoms persist, they may never go away. Once permanent damage is done, the hearing loss is irreversible.

To prevent such damage or to prevent further damage is fairly straightforward and highly advisable:

Avoid unnecessary exposure to excessive noise. In particular, avoid extended exposure to excessive noise

Keep a moderate volume when listening to music on your personal stereo or entertainment system

Wear good quality ear plugs or other ear protection:

  • when using a hair dryer
  • in a noisy work place
  • at concerts and events (and always avoid standing, sitting or dancing near the loud-speakers)
  • at sports events
  • in night clubs.
  • when mowing the lawn
  • when using a leaf blower
  • when using a chain saw
  • when working with power tools
  • when riding a motorcycle, jet skis, snowmobile or other noisy vehicle
  • when using firearms, whether for hunting or target shooting
  • in noisy traffic


Also highly recommended for ear protection are earmuffs and semi-aural or circumaural hearing protection devices.

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