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April 25, 2017

General state of health influences hearing loss among seniors

There is a strong relationship between state of health and experienced hearing loss among seniors, according to a Dutch study.

General state of health influences hearing loss among seniors

A population-based study from University Center Rotterdam in The Netherlands including 3,315 respondents shows that an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to hearing loss among the elderly.

For both men and women the main results reveal that being a current smoker was significantly associated with hearing loss among the elderly.

Systolic blood pressure is also a source of hearing loss among the male respondents specifically. On the other hand, the female respondents were exposed to hearing loss to a greater degree if they suffered from diabetes or had a high BMI.

Alcohol consumption

For men, a high alcohol consumption leads to a higher degree of hearing loss. The same pattern was not valid to women, as a negative association between alcohol consumption and hearing loss was found.

According to the study social determinants such as lower educational level also had an influence on hearing.

In the Rotterdam-study effects on both low- and high frequency hearing loss were tested on the respondents to clarify whether state of health has a significant impact on hearing loss among the elderly.

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