Going to school with hearing implants

Most children with a hearing implant attend a normal school with pupils without hearing loss. Some advice and recommendations may help your child get the most out of their school days.
Going to school with hearing implants

Your child may be the only one or one of just a few in a class who have a hearing loss and use a hearing implant or hearing aids. This works well in most situations.

But here are some guidelines and good advice for you as parents, your child and the teachers to make school life as good as possible, when a child has a hearing implant.

  • Pupils, teachers and the other parents should be informed that your child uses hearing implants and know basic communication guidelines for how to communicate with a person with hearing implants.
  • Repeat or rephrase when a child with a hearing implant does not understand. Do not speak louder or shout.
  • The child with hearing implants should keep a distance from sources of noise.
  • A seat at the front in the classroom is often the best position as it allows better eye contact with the teachers.
  • A swivel chair allows the child to turn to the source of sound, e.g. when other pupils talk
  • Reduce background noise in the classroom. Rubber tips on chairs, carpets and curtains improve the listening situation and reduce background noise.
  • FM-systems can make it easier for the child with a hearing implant to hear the teacher.

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