Good advice

Here is some good advice for relatives and colleagues of a hearing-impaired person.
Good advice

Advice for relatives

  • Do not forget that a family member is suffering from hearing loss
  • Help the hearing-impaired person
  • Do not repeat what has just been said
  • Never patronise a hearing-impaired person
  • Use humour, it helps
  • Help to imcrease the hearing-impaired person's confidence

Advice for colleagues

  • Show consideration, but do not overdo it
  • Speak up a little, but do not shout
  • Keep eye contact
  • Do not turn your back on the hearing-impaired person while talking
  • Check whether the hearing-impaired person has understood what you have been saying
  • Let the hearing-impaired person tell you how to communicate in the best possible way
  • Show respect for the hearing-impaired person
  • Keep in mind that one of your colleagues is hearing-impaired

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