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Good advice

Good advice

Here is some good advice for hearing-impaired children, their parents and other adults who communicate with hearing-impaired children.

Always use good communication techniques when you communicate with a hearing-impaired child.

Advice for the child

  • Use your hearing aid and get used to it
  • Do not be ashamed that you are suffering from hearing loss
  • Ensure that the people who talk to you are looking at you
  • Tell others that they can touch you if they wish to contact you
  • Tell people about your hearing loss
  • Tell people what you want in order to hear better and how you like people to act
  • Always take your hearing aid to parties
  • Relax and rest when you get tired


Advice for adults

  • Use body language and gesticulation
  • Do not let the child's hearing loss become a bigger problem than it is
  • Support the child and restore his/her confidence
  • Do not repeat what other people say
  • Do not feel or show guilt because your child has a hearing problem
  • Accept the child as he/she is
  • Avoid unnecessary attention because of the hearing problem

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