Good advice on the job, at home or when you travel

Good advice on the job, at home or when you travel

On the job

  • Be open about your hearing loss and inform others about its consequences
  • Accept that you are hard of hearing
  • Tell others what your needs are
  • Make demands, but be understanding
  • Remember that your colleagues cannot transforme you into a person with normal hearing
  • Lay down rules for communication
  • Focus on the person nearest you
  • Do not try to keep up with a conversation if it is impossible
  • If it is difficult for you to cope with your work, find another job
  • Think about your future work situation

At home

  • Always use your hearing aids
  • Do not hide your hearing loss
  • Inform your family and friends about your situation and its consequences
  • Teach your family to keep eye contact when conversing and talk loudly and clearly
  • Do not be ashamed of your hearing problem - it is normal
  • Remember you cannot do everything
  • Teach your family how to involve you in conversations
  • Avoid background noise
  • You have the right to relax and not "switch off"
  • Do not use your hearing loss as an excuse for other problems

When you travel

  • Use your eyes!
  • Watch others - and do the same!
  • Always carry some paper and a pencil
  • Prepare your trip well in advance
  • Bring along itineraries
  • Do not converse while driving
  • Remove your hearing aids when travelling by plan
  • Use a FM sender, if necessary

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