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June 26, 2013

Good holiday tips if you have a hearing aid

Just a few preparations can ensure that you have a good holiday if you are dependent on your hearing aid.

Good holiday tips if you have a hearing aid

The summer often means holidays and travel. Even if you have a hearing loss. But if you have a hearing loss and use hearing aids, the holiday can quickly be ruined if, for example, your hearing aid breaks or the batteries run out.
A few precautions can however ensure that your holiday goes well when you have a hearing aid. These four tips can be useful to remember before the holiday starts:

  • Always bring extra batteries, tubes, filters, a dry box as well as drying tablets and cleaning equipment for your hearing aid.
  • Take fresh batteries with you for your vibrating alarm clock if you use one.
  • Make sure to have the telephone number and address of the nearest hearing clinic at your destination.
  • Inform the travel company and the hotel of your situation.

Get a basic kit

It can be a good idea to bring a basic kit with you on holiday to maintain your hearing aid.
A basic kit is a travel kit which includes an air blower/puffer, anti-bacterial cleaning wipes, a dry box with drying tablets, extra batteries, an extra tube and filters.

People with cochlear implants should contact their audiologist for individual guidance.

Source: Auris, nr. 4, 2012.

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