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January 07, 2010

Grandchildren prompting hearing tests

Not hearing grandchildren clearly is the main reason grandparents decide to have their hearing tested.

Grandchildren prompting hearing tests

A sense of social exclusion from not hearing grandchildren clearly is the biggest single trigger for retirement age people to do something about their hearing loss, according to a recent study.

As people age, many suffer from high frequency hearing loss, making it hard for them to hear the high frequency voices of children. Often, grandparents become aware of the extent of their gradual hearing loss when they are together with their grandchildren, prompting the grandparents to decide to have their hearing tested.

The study found that older grandchildren, in particular, tend to encourage their grandparents to have their hearing tested, and often they even make the appointment for them.

Treatment of the hearing loss almost always results in closer relationships between grandparents and grandchildren.

Other triggers to act on hearing loss identified in the research included Christmas parties, eating out in restaurants with friends, work meetings and trips to the pub, theatre and church.

The study was conducted by Amplifon, and was based on in-depth focus groups. The focus groups were made up of male and female respondents aged 55 to 90 with experience of recent hearing aid purchases.


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