Growing up with implants

Growing up with hearing implants is almost like growing up like any other child.

Children with hearing implants can live a relatively normal life that is comparable to children with normal hearing. The difference is that they have to rely on their hearing implants to hear.

This means a child with hearing implants is a bit more challenged when it comes to hearing and communication, but they can go to school, play with friends, enjoy sports, travel and experiences and explore the world like any other child.

A few precautions

Having a hearing implant also means taking care of the implant. During sports and play, it is important to protect the implant, including the sound processor / audio processor that sits on the head. For example by wearing a helmet when playing ball games.

When bathing, swimming or doing other water sports, it is important to use a waterproof cover or not to wear the sound processor / audio processor, as it is not water proof without a cover.

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