27 January 2009

Hear-it on Facebook

Two new support groups to bring attention to hearing impairment.

Hear-it has introduced two new support groups on Facebook. The objective is to create awareness about hearing loss as part of the campaign to improve the conditions for hearing impaired people around the world.

You can show support for people with hearing impairment and join the fight to improve their plight by joining one of the groups. Members receive notices about new important articles, research and other relevant developments with direct links to www.hear-it.org postings. Anyone can join.

Hear-it is always looking for the best new channels to spread the word and create awareness about hearing issues. Facebook is one of the hottest virtual networks with rapid growth in its membership. Increasingly, the young Facebook audience is being joined by more mature age groups, making it possible to reach a wide audience.

One of the groups, 'My hearing may be damaged - but my social skills aren't!' is designed for the young age groups. The other, ?Leading a good life with my hearing loss!' is for adults. Anyone can join by searching on either group name on Facebook.

Important medium

- The struggle to create awareness about hearing loss and improved conditions for those among us with hearing loss must be waged where people go. At the moment, Facebook is a great meeting place with large numbers of visitors. So of course hear-it must be part of it, stated hear-it CEO Kim Ruberg.

You can go directly to the groups by clicking on the links below

Published on hear-it on January 27, 2009.

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