Organisation and finance 
People who are hard of hearing can choose between whether they would prefer free hearing aids - selected and fitted by the public hearing health clinic - or financial help for the purchasing of hearing aids of their own choice from a private dispenser. Both hearing health clinics and hospitals are administered by the local authorities.

The financial help if you buy from a private dispenser is  4,000 Danish kroner ( approx € 530) for the first hearing aid and 2,350 Danish kroner (approx.  € 310) for the second hearing aid. You are entitled to buy new hearing aids with financial help every five years.

The main health insurance company - "danmark" - offers a supplementary grant of 1,500- 3,000 Danish kroner (approx. € 200 - 400) for hard of hearing people who are insured, and who decide to purchase hearing aids from a private dispenser.

Testing and treatment
People who are hard of hearing are advised to go to their own family doctor or an ENT doctor who will then refer him or her to the local hearing clinic. So-called "hearing institutes" or "communication centres" have been set up to offer guidance and education for the hard of hearing.

People can also choose to go to a private hearing aid dispenser.

Waiting lists
Waiting lists in Denmark vary from one county to the next. According to The Danish Ministry of Health, they vary from about 10 weeks up to 84 weeks . Up-to-date statistics can be seen at (in Danish)

If people choose to go to a private dispenser there are practically no waiting lists involved when having hearing aids fitted.

Types of hearing aids
Under the public system a person who is hard of hearing will be supplied with "the best and cheapest" hearing aid. In effect, this gives the individual managers of public hearing health clinics a great amount of autonomy in the choosing, purchasing and distribution of hearing aids to their customers.

When people go to a private dispenser they can buy the hearing aid they prefer.

Batteries and service
In Denmark batteries are supplied free of charge. Hearing aids which have been supplied by the public authorities are under a four year warranty.

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