01 April 2003

Hearing aid grants doubled

The government grants to help hearing impaired Irishmen buy hearing aids have been doubled.

The announcement made recently by the Minister for Social and Family Affairs, Mary Coughlan, affects people who contribute to the pay-related social insurance, PRSI, and their dependent spouses, when they meet certain contribution requirements.

People who qualify for a grant will now receive Euro700 for one hearing aid and Euro1,400 for two, allowing them to access digital hearing aids much more easily.

Thirtyfive percent of the population of the Republic of Ireland including children, young people in vocational training and adults in a low-income category are entitled to free audiology services such as testing, provision of hearing aids and repair services.

The rest of the population must acquire hearing aids through private dispensers with those meeting the PRSI requirements being eligible for the state grants.


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