16 June 2010

Hearing aids are indispensable

Hearing aids are extremely important for the hearing impaired when taking part in social activities

87.7 percent of those who use hearing aids say that their hearing aids are important when taking part in social activities. As many as 71% say that their hearing aids are extremely important.

Those are the findings of an online survey carried out in spring 2010 by the organisation Hear-It among hearing aid users.

The users were also asked how useful their hearing aids were during social activities. 51.1% answered that their hearing aids were extremely helpful, while 28.9% answered that they were somewhat helpful.

Two out of three found it easier to take part in social activities when they used their hearing aids and said that they were more likely to take part in social activities than before they had their hearing aids.

“Our study clearly shows, that users think their hearing aids make a big difference, and that they are more willing to participate in social activities, as well as it being easier to take part when they use a hearing aid,” said secretary general Kim Ruberg.

“Taking part in social activities with our families, friends and colleagues is an extraordinarily important part of our lives, and very important for our well being, so I can only encourage everyone with a noticeable hearing loss to use a hearing aid to improve their quality of life,” Kim Ruberg said.

About the survey

More than three hundred hearing aid users from around the world took part in the survey and answered questions about their hearing aid usage and experiences. They responded to a questionnaire posted on www.hear-it.org.

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