03 February 2015

Hearing aids are one of the most important medicinal inventions

Hearing aids are among the top 10 most important medicinal advancements, a French study has shown.

One in five Europeans believes that hearing aids are one of the five most important inventions within the medicinal industry. This is shown in a report by the French INSERM (Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale) in connection with their 50th anniversary.

20% of those asked believe that hearing aids are one of the five most important medicinal advancements.

Hearing aids in the top 10

Among the medicinal advancements which have made the greatest impact among Europeans, organ transplantation was in first place with 70% of those questioned believing that it was among the five most important advancements within medicine.

X-rays and gene therapy were also high on the list among those questioned with 65% and 51% respectively. However, hearing aids were still around the top in tenth place, in front of for example artificial insemination, antidepressant therapy and cloning.

Source: Audio Infos

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