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June 17, 2013

Hearing aids are useful in the workplace

Nine out of ten hearing aid users say that their hearing aids are useful in the workplace, surveys have found.

Hearing aids are useful in the workplace

Surveys conducted in seven countries among people with hearing loss show that hearing aid users find their hearing aids to be useful in the workplace. The persons involved in the survey responded to the question:  ”How useful are your hearing aids in the workplace?” and around 60% said that they found hearing aids to be of significant use, while around 30% found hearing aids to be of some use.


In the same surveys, around 50% of those who used hearing aids agreed to some extent that people with an untreated hearing loss tended to have a reduced chance of promotion and did not get the jobs they deserved.

These questions, along with others, were asked in the EuroTrak and JapanTrak surveys. The surveys were carried out in Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Japan in 2012.

The figures were published in an article about the EuroTrak and JapanTrak surveys in The Hearing Review, March 2013.


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