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Hearing aids, cognition and dementia

Studies indicate that hearing aids may delay the onset of dementia and cognitive decline.

Hearing aids, cognition and dementia

The findings concerning hearing loss and dementia suggest that it might be possible to delay the onset of dementia through the use of hearing aids and paying more attention to the prevention and early identification of hearing loss.

Several studies have found that the ability to understand speech in challenging situations is influenced by cognitive capacities. The role of cognition in our ability to hear and understand is important.

The question is whether the effect of hearing loss on cognitive decline can be stopped with early intervention with hearing amplification, for example when the first signs of communication problems caused by hearing loss are seen.

Benefits from amplification

Studies may indicate that there is a connection between hearing aids and cognition. Two studies found that digital noise reduction used in hearing aids had a positive effect on the recall of spoken information. A study has demonstrated that hearing amplification results in a significant improvement in mental performance compared to patients without amplification and another study showed an improvement in working memory capacity with hearing amplification.

Source: ”Hearing well to train your brain” by Prof. Frank R. Lin and Prof. Sophia E. Kramer


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