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August 15, 2006

Hearing aids for free

A bill introduced in the province of Misiones, Argentina aims to provide free hearing aids to low-income people.

All low-income people with no medical coverage will be eligible for the benefit outlined in the law.

“The ENESHI report carried out by the Mutualidad Argentina de Hipoacúsicos points out that 80 percent of all children with hearing loss do not use a hearing aid due to lack of resources,” explained Daniel Briñoccoli, a member of the local council.

The law states that the Ministry of Social Health will be responsible for providing hearing aids and batteries free of charge to eligible people suffering from moderate to severe hearing loss.

In addition, the ministry will be responsible for the evaluation and treatment before and after hearing aids adjustment. This includes psychological assistance and counselling for hearing aids users and their families.

The law mandates the provision of appropriate equipments and qualified professionals. The ENT services in hospitals will guarantee diagnosis and proper monitoring of eligible children and adults.

Finally, files will be kept of past and future clients, and prevention, research and counselling programmes are to be developed.

Source: Bill, Province of Misiones, Chamber of Representatives

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