14 February 2008

Hearing aids improved baby's hearing

Catalina Coria, a little girl, has recovered most of her hearing since she was fitted with digital hearing aids at the age of 5 months due to her hearing impairment.

A few days after Catalina's birth, she was diagnosed with Meningitis. This disease may affect hearing, sight and motor skills. In many of the cases, if these side effects are not discovered and treated early, they may result in permanent damage.

Fortunately, Catalina was diagnosed early. Her hearing problem was discovered and then treated with the appropriate digital hearing aids for her type of hearing loss. While she is recovering her hearing, treatment of the other side effects has had equally encouraging outcomes.

Early treatment, higher success rate

This is the first time that this type of treatment is provided to such a young girl in Rafaela, a city of 100.000 people in the Midwest part of Santa Fe province, Argentina.

“Catalina is the first girl who has been detected, diagnosed and received early treatment in our city. The job done has been a complete success,” stated Nadia Pirola, a speech therapist and audiologist on the team treating Catalina. “Since Catalina was fitted with hearing aids, she has hearing has been restored to almost normal,” added Pirola in an interview with newspaper, La Opinion.

Catalina's hearing has significantly improved. Using hearing aids will give her the opportunity to develop her language and learning abilities almost like children with normal hearing.

Family support

It is worth noting that family support is of extreme importance. Catalina has always received full support by her entire family. This is crucial for Catalina's hearing development and the general improvement of her health.

Source: www.laopinion-rafaela.com.ar

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