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September 08, 2005

Hearing aids made fashionable

“Hearwear the Future of Hearing” is the title of an exhibit scheduled at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London from July 2005 to March 2006.

The exhibit shows the most advanced modern and sophisticated hearing aid designs.

Colourful, futuristic and mould breaking hearing aids will be shown. They range from a Universal Hear-ring in different colours and shapes to devices able to filter out the annoying background noise in bars, making a conversation easier. One new type of hearing aid in the exhibit allows the user to replay the last 10 seconds of a conversation.

Technology and design put together
The exhibit organisers show how hearing device technology and design can be combined. The aim is to change negative perceptions of hearing devices and promote their use.

John Low, one of the show organisers and executive director of the Royal National Institute fro Deaf People, RNID finds that wearing hearing aids can be as attractive and fashionable as wearing the most advanced eyewear. He said that the revolution in eyewear design may now be succeeded by a similar revolution in the design of hearing aids.

The exhibition was set in motion by RNID in co-operation with the Wolf Olins consultancy and the Blueprint design magazine.


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