14 March 2005

Hearing aids ranked among top inventions

A panel of American technology experts ranks modern hearing aids among the top 25 inventions of the last 25 years.

The list of top inventions was compiled as part of the-25 year anniversary celebration in 2005 of the CNN television news network. The Internet tops the list followed by the cell phone and the PC.

The modern hearing aid is 24th on the list of breakthrough technologies, an impressive position considering the much more widespread use of other competing high tech inventions.

The experts, however, point out that the hearing aid deserves its high ranking because of the improvement in life quality it provides for hearing impaired people by offering sleeker, better-designed models.

Surveys indicate that approximately 10-12 percent of the world population suffers from hearing disorders and could benefit from treatment with hearing aids. But only one in four of these hearing impaired people use hearing aids.

Source: www.cnn.com, 18.01.2005

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