22 September 2009

Hearing impaired beauty queens

Physical beauty does not depend on good hearing. Just look at Jayna Altman of the US and Vanessa Lima Vidal of Brazil. Both are hearing impaired and both were recently crowned as beauty queens.

Beauty contests are held all over the world in all kinds of categories among women, men, children, teenagers, seniors, etc. Jayna Altman was the winner of the Miss International contest in July 2008.

Altman chose to work during her reign as Miss International 2008 to work to bring attention and support to people with various disabilities.

Battling stigma

Altman knows first-hand how it feels to be seen as different, and she hopes to help combat the social stigma faced by all people with disabilities. The Miss International provides her with an excellent platform for her to spread her message.

Vanessa Lima Vidal of Brazil is another top hearing impaired beauty contestant. She was first runner-up in the 2008 Miss Brazil pageant and qualified for the next international round. Vidal is the first hearing impaired contestant to make it to the top in the Miss Brazil pageant.

Sources: www.hearingloss.org and www1.folha.uol.com.br

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