Hearing impaired twice as likely to be on disability

Hearing impaired Swedes are almost twice as likely as the general population to be on disability.

Among Swedes of working age with hearing impairment, 9.3 percent are on disability, compared with 5.3 percent of the general population of working age.

According to the Swedish association of hearing impaired people, HRF, hearing impaired Swedes are often offered disability even when they are fully capable of performing their jobs if provided with the proper assistive means and working environment.

11.6 percent of the hearing impaired women of working age are on disability, as compared to 5.7 percent of women in the general population. Among men with hearing impairment, 7.5 percent are on disability, as compared to 4.9 percent of men in the general population.

Source: 2009 Annual Report, HRF, www.hrf.se

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