Hearing loss and dementia

If you have an untreated hearing loss, you are at greater risk of developing dementia, several scientific studies show.

Several scientific studies have found that there is a close relationship between untreated hearing loss and the risk of developing dementia.

A large French scientific study, which has followed nearly 3,800 people over a 25 year period, has found that seniors and elderly people who say that they have a hearing loss and do not use hearing aids are at a much higher risk of dementia.

Earlier results from the same French study documented that self-reported hearing loss is independently associated with accelerated cognitive decline in elderly adults.

A large Australian study has also found that there is a strong relationship between hearing loss and dementia. The study found that older Australian men had a 69% increased risk of dementia for those who report having a hearing loss.

A British study has confirmed the association between hearing loss, dementia and cognitive decline. Two American studies have also confirmed a relationship between hearing loss and general cognitive decline.

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