Ontario's assistive devices program, ADP, provides a limited subsidy for hearing aids.

Adults and children with a valid Ontario Health Insurance Health Card are eligible to receive 75% coverage of the cost of one or two hearing aids up to a maximum grant of CD500 per hearing aid. The subsidy is available once every three years. The patient must cover the extra cost for expensive models.

Initial access is often through a hearing specialist or general practitioner. An authorizer determines the specific needs and hearing devices are purchased from a dispenser.

The Hearing Devices Program is intended for persons insured under the Quebec Health Insurance Plan who have a hearing impairment and who meet the eligibility requirements.

People of any age who have an average hearing loss of at least 35 dB in their better ear can benefit from the subsidy. Children up to the age of 12 with a hearing impairment that may compromise their speech and language development are automatically entitled to receive the subsidy. People aged 19 and older who have an average hearing loss of at least 25 dB in one ear and who are pursuing studies leading to a diploma recognized by the Minister of Education, are also entitled to receive the subsidy.

The Program covers the purchase and replacement cost of a hearing aid and an assistive listening device.

Atlantic Provinces
Children and students up to 21 years of age are eligible to purchase a variety of types of hearing aids and accessories at wholesale cost through the Atlantic Provinces Special education Authority, APSEA. The program is applied through the audiologists involved in the fitting of the devices.

British Columbia
Assistance for hearing aids in British Columbia is available to patients who are eligible for Enhanced Ministry of Human Resources sponsored Medical Coverage, who lack the financial resources to meet the need, or who need hearing aids to obtain employment.

Hearing aids may be provided through the Regional Health Authority (RHA) or, if necessary, through private suppliers after physician referral.

Bilateral hearing aid requests must be reviewed by the Health Assistance Branch (HAB) of the Ministry of Human Resources.

Assistance for hearing aids is available through the Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL) program. Senior citizens aged 65 and older and children up to age 18 are eligible. Some low-income people aged 19-64 qualify under other programs.

For adults, the maximum subsidy is CD765 for one hearing aid. Seniors above certain income levels are required to make a co-payment of 25% of the purchase price.

Similar rules apply to the families of children up to the age of 18. In this group the maximum benefit is approximately CD1,000 for one hearing aid and CD1,850 for two.

Subsidies are available for new hearing aids once every five years.

The province Hearing Health Services' Hearing Aid Plan program offers hearing loss prevention programs, counseling and public education for free. Hearing tests and hearing aid fittings are available under the plan for a fee.
Hearing aids and accessories are sold and repaired at "reasonable" cost.

Manitoba health subsidizes hearing aids for Manitoba residents under the age of 18 who require a hearing aid, as prescribed by an otolaryngologist or audiologist.

Coverage includes 80% of a fixed amount for analog devices, up to a maximum of CD500 per ear or up to CD1800 for a digital or analog programmable device.

In addition, coverage includes 80% of fixed amount for additional services such as dispensing fee, ear molds and ear impressions.

There is a deductible of CD75 on all claims. Plan includes one device per ear every four years, unless there is a medically diagnosed change in the patient's condition.

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