Hearing loss and Meetings

A hard of hearing person often finds it difficult and exhausting to participate in meetings with several people.

Below you will find advice on how to make attending meetings a more relaxed affair.

  • Inform the other participants of your hearing problem before the meeting begins.
  • A written agenda, which has been distributed in advance, makes it easier to follow the meeting.
  • It is important to appoint a competent chairman who can ensure that the participants follow the agenda and refrain from speaking simultaneously.
  • Ask questions if you missed something or did not understand what was being said.
  • Minutes of the meeting, including any decisions made, should be prepared at the end of the meeting. This is helpful if you discover that you missed something important.
  • Install a table microphone or an interface microphone in any permanent conference room. The microphone amplifies the sounds and makes it easier to hear what is being said.
  • If meetings are held in different rooms you may find it useful to bring your own handheld microphone which can be directed at the person who is speaking.

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