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May 31, 2005

Hearing loss on the cover

Hearing loss has made the cover of the highly respected American news magazine, Newsweek. 'How to Keep Your Hearing' is the cover story in the June 6 issue.

“With more than 28 million Americans suffering from hearing loss or damage, including some 5.2 million kids of the iPod generation, Newsweek reports on prevention and treatments, as well as the latest in scientific research”, Newsweek stated in a preview.

”If they don't take steps to protect their hearing, the iPod Generation faces the same fate as the Woodstock Generation. Or worse”, writes Newsweek Senior Editor David Noonan.

Dr. Peter Rabinowitz at the Yale School of Medicine agrees.

"If you are watching your diet, if you are exercising, then protecting your hearing should be part of your lifestyle”, he tells Newsweek.

Treatment of the future
The magazine examines the progress being made in the treatment of hearing loss, including improvements in modern hearing aid technology.

“Advances in digital technology have dramatically improved hearing aids; they are smaller than ever, with far better sound quality”, writes Newsweek.

Source:, 30 May, 2005

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