Organisation and finance
Adults in Portugal do not receive public subsidies for hearing aids. The national health service will, however, pay for hearing aids for infants and children under 16 years of age. If a child or young person is diagnosed with a hearing impairment, there is no fixed limit for the amount of help this individual can receive.

Adults requiring subsidies for hearing aids should turn to one of the country's private health insurance companies and specifically take out - and pay for - a policy that covers hearing impairment.

Testing and treatment
Hearing impaired patients should go directly to a private hearing health care professional, who will then perform audiometric tests and fitting of the hearing aid.

Only a minority of these hearing-impaired patients see an ENT specialist prior to this. However, hearing-impaired children who are covered by the national health service should get an ENT specialist to sign the necessary application papers for public subsidies.

Waiting lists
There are no waiting lists for hearing aid fitting in Portugal.

Types of hearing aids
The public subsidy system for children mentions no specific type of hearing aid. If the ENT specialist or the hearing health care professional recommends a more sophisticated or more expensive hearing aid , the national health service is flexible enough to accommodate this.

Batteries and service
Batteries, repairs and other types of equipment must be paid for by the users themselves. There are no public subsidies to cover these expenses.

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