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March 29, 2013

High frequency of hearing disorders in Sri Lanka

Nine percent of Sri Lankans are hearing impaired or deaf.

High frequency of hearing disorders in Sri Lanka

A study from the Ministry of Health shows that 9% of the total population of Sri Lanka suffer from some sort of hearing disorder.

According to a spokesman from the Ministry of Health, the results are disturbing as the percentage is similar to countries with large populations.

A special national programme will now be launched by the Ministry of Health to prevent the prevalence of hearing impairment and deafness.

Earwax and other causes

Several factors can cause hearing loss and hearing impairment. When it comes to children, 50% of all cases of hearing loss are due to genetic or generic factors. 

Prenatal illnesses, such as rubella or herpes, account for 5-10% of hearing loss occurrences in children, while postnatal illnesses, like measles or meningitis, account for 10-20% of occurrences. Other frequently seen causes of hearing loss in children are due to earwax or Otitis Media.

Regarding adults, some of the main causes of hearing impairment and hearing loss are ageing and exposure to high noises.

Other common causes are foreign objects that are inserted into ears, such as cotton buds. Side effects from certain diseases, like mumps, can also cause ear infections and earwax can also lead to hearing impairment in adults.

According to the Ministry of Health, especially wax collection inside the ears of both children and adults can easily be found in populations living in a dry zone.

Ear infections can directly affect the brain and can cause many serious health complications.

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