How can I help my relative recognise a hearing loss?

The opinion of relatives is often decisive, when a person accepts and treats a hearing loss.

If you think that you have a relative or a friend who has a hearing loss, it is very important that you address the problem the right way.

A hearing loss can be a delicate subject and maybe your relative or friend is not aware that he/she has a hearing problem.

Give examples

First of all, it is very important to consider if you are the right person to address the problem or whether another person would be better suited. It is very important that the person who talks about the problem for the first time is somebody that the person with hearing loss trusts and is confident with.

Can you pass our hearing test?
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Can you pass our hearing test?
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Listen to hearing loss
Listen to hearing loss

Tell him or her what you have experienced and give examples of situations in which you have noticed that there might be a problem.

It may be hard to recognise

It can be difficult to point out the problem of poor hearing and it can also be very hard for the person to recognise that there might be a problem. Many surveys have however shown that the opinion of relatives and friends can often be decisive when it comes to accepting and treating a hearing loss.

When the subject is brought up, it is very important to tell the person that it is a problem which can be treated and that help is available. You should also tell them that hearing loss is not the end of the world and that many people live a good life with their hearing loss if it is treated.

A hearing test

The first step in treating a hearing loss would be a hearing test. It is therefore very important that they visit their family doctor/GP to have a hearing test carried out. If the hearing test shows a hearing loss that needs to be treated, the next step should be a visit to a hearing health care professional.

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