How can I help a relative with hearing loss?

What should you do if you think that a relative might have a hearing loss?

If you think one of your relatives has a hearing problem, you can do a lot to help.

Many studies have shown that close relatives are among the most influential when something is to be done about a person’s hearing problems. So, if you are a close relative or friend to a person with a hearing loss, you can help.

When you address the problem, you should first and foremost be as helpful and supportive as possible. Keep in mind that hearing loss may be a delicate subject and that the person might not be aware of the problem.

Give examples

One of the best ways to approach the issue is by making the person aware of the signs of hearing loss. The best way to do this is to give examples.

  • Tell them if you experience that their television or radio is loud
  • Tell them that they often misunderstand what is being said or ask people to repeat themselves
  • Tell them that you’ve noticed that they have difficulties being a part of conversations in groups or at parties

Or give other examples, that you have noticed.

It's is always a good idea to be very specific and tell them exactly when and where and in which situations you have experienced the hearing problems.

Test and treatment

After telling them about your experiences you should tell the person that a hearing loss is quite common, especially among seniors, that it is a problem which can be treated and that help is available. Suggest that they get a hearing test.  A hearing test will show if the person you know has a hearing loss.

A hearing loss is normally treated with modern hearing aids. Hearing aids provide a person with hearing loss a better hearing and improve the perception of speech and other sounds, but the hearing aids do not restore hearing back to normal.

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