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How to reduce the risk of a noise-induced hearing loss

13 good pieces of advice on how to avoid a noise-induced hearing loss.

How do I avoid getting a noise-induced hearing loss or get tinnitus because of noise exposure, you may ask. The answer is very simple, but not always easy to fulfill:  Avoid, or at least reduce, the exposure to loud noise and loud sounds.

13 good advice

But there is some good advice that you can use and try to follow to minimize the risk:

  • The louder sounds, the shorter time you should listen
  • Turn down the volume on your stereo and especially on your smart phone
  • Reduce the amount of time you listen to loud music
  • Use the 60/60 rule when listening to music on your smart phone – no more than 60 minutes at 60% of the volume – daily
  • When using headphones, use headphones that sit on the ear, NOT in the ear
  • Reduce the time you spend in clubs and discoes
  • Don’t stand to close to the loudspeakers at concerts, the further away, the better
  • Turn down the volume in the fitness center
  • Use ear protection when you go shooting or hunting
  • Use ear protection when using noisy tools and machinery at home and in the garden
  • Use ear protection at concerts
  • Use ear protection, if possible, if you have a noisy job
  • Use ear proception if you watch or do motorsports

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