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How to live with Ménière's Disease

Ménières disease cannot be cured. But you can learn to live with the disease.

How to live with Ménière's Disease

Ménières disease cannot be cured. But you can learn to live with the disease, and certain things can be done to minimise the effects of Ménière's.

  • Stress reduction is important to many Menières patients, as emotional stress is commonly believed to trigger attacks.
  • Exercising and keeping in shape to the extent possible while suffering from dizziness are important for reducing stress.
  • Because of the increase in fluid pressure in the inner ear most patients benefit from reducing their intake of salt. Some specialists recommend keeping the general fluid intake down and avoiding caffeine, alcohol and chocolate.
  • Medical drugs, such as Serc (betahistine) and Vastarel, help many patients. Others benefit from taking antihistamines and diuretics. But no two cases of Ménière ?s are alike, and it is important to consult with medical specialists.
  • Some patients benefit greatly from a Meniett, an easily portable compression equaliser the size of a mobile telephone. Holding the device close to the ear, pressure waves are directed into the middle ear via the eardrum. To work, the Meniett requires that a drain be placed in the ear.
  • Gentamycin treatment is also known as effective. Injecting Gentamycin (an antibiotic) into the middle ear negates the sense of balance in the affected ear, preventing further spells of dizziness. Some risk of further hearing loss is associated with this treatment.
  • If none of the above treatments works, the patient may be a candidate for a vestibular neurectomy, a cut through the balancing nerve. However, this is a complicated and rarely performed procedure in the skull.

Source: "Hørelsen"

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