How to select best earplugs for you

Earplugs offer protection against noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus. You should use them in noisy surroundings at work, at music events and at sports events. Here is a brief guide to various types of earplugs.

All earplugs offer some noise reduction. But that's where the similarities may end, as earplugs come in many sizes, designs and colours.

Generally, earplugs can be divided into three categories: Disposable, reusable and custom moulded.

The quick solution

Disposable earplugs is an easy and inexpensive solution if you suddenly find yourself in a noisy environment or need to use power tools at home. The simple foam earplugs can be reused a limited number of times.

Disposable earplugs may be hard to place correctly in the ear. Foam offers less protection than other materials against low frequency noise. This results in some distortion of music, making these earplugs less than ideal for use at concerts and other performances.

The music lover's choice

For concerts, reusable earplugs are the earplugs of choice. They ”?filter' the sound, entering the ear canal, through a narrow channel running the length of the earplug. This has a limiting effect on the sound with little or no distortion.

Reusable earplugs cost more than disposable earplugs but can be used over and over. They generally offer a better fit in the ear than the disposables.

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Daily luxury

Are you a musician or dj, or do you work in other noisy jobs? If the answer is ”?yes', you should consider custom moulded earplugs. They are made by a specialist, based on an impression of your ear canals and offer a built-in filter and a perfect fit for your ears. They are comfortable to wear and last for a long time. The only minus is the relatively high price.

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