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I have hearing loss

Most hearing impaired people feel tired after being in the company of others, because it takes a great deal of energy to keep up with a conversation.

I have hearing loss

It may be tempting to keep your hearing loss a secret. Some find it embarrassing to tell others about it. Indeed, hearing impaired employees often fail to mention their disability. But over time, an untreated and undisclosed hearing loss creates more problems for all parties involved than immediate action and openness, even if, at first, it seems daunting to be honest about the facts.

On the following pages you can find articles that might help you in your daily life as a person with a hearing impairment.

Babyboomers and the elderly

Babyboomers are the generation who want it all, which results in the most active and noisy lifestyle of any generation so far. That has led to a high frequency of hearing loss.

Over the age of 75, half of us suffer from hearing loss. A majority of the elderly admit to their hearing loss, although most still deny the strain it creates for themselves and others.

Further information

In this section, we have collected a range of helpful tips for the hearing impaired. By following these, you can make your daily life easier and learn how to openly live with a hearing impairment.

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