I might have a hearing loss

If so, then you will find some useful information on the following pages.

Most cases of hearing loss develop gradually. Because of this, the symptoms are often difficult to recognise. The first step in the treatment of hearing impairment is to realise that there is a problem, and that it can often take time to accept that you suffer from hearing loss.

If you experience difficulties in hearing someone calling to you from behind or from another room, difficulties in communicating in a small group of people, for example at meetings, or feel that people are mumbling to you, it may be some of the symptoms of a hearing loss.

An untreated hearing loss can have a range of personal consequences, not least psychological, physical and social. As well as this, an untreated hearing loss can have major consequences for society. In Europe alone, untreated hearing loss costs society €213 billion each year.

Further information

In this section, we have collected a range of articles about the symptoms of hearing loss, hearing test and the consequences of an untreated hearing loss.

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