I might have a hearing loss

Do you think you have a hearing loss? If yes, you should get your hearing tested by a hearing professional.

Most cases of hearing loss develop gradually. Because of this, the symptoms are often difficult to recognise. The first step in the treatment of a hearing loss is to realise that there is a problem.

If you experience difficulties in hearing someone calling to you from behind or from another room, have difficulties in hearing women’s and children’s voices, have difficulties in communicating in a small group of people, for example at meetings or feel that people are mumbling to you, it may be some of the symptoms of a hearing loss.

Can you pass our hearing test?
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Can you pass our hearing test?
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Listen to hearing loss
Listen to hearing loss

If other people tell you that you do not hear well in different situations, this may also be a sign of a hearing loss.

Get a hearing test

If you suspect that you have a hearing loss or others tell you that you are not hearing well, the best advice is to get your hearing tested by a hearing professional. A professional hearing test can determine if you have a hearing loss.

Is your hearing like this?

Do you think that you have a hearing loss? What does hearing loss sound like? Listen to our examples of hearing loss.

Treating hearing loss

In most cases, hearing loss is treated with hearing aids and in some cases with other hearing solutions such as e.g. cochlear implants.

Treating hearing loss improves both your hearing and your quality of life.

Don’t leave your hearing loss untreated. An untreated hearing loss has a series of negative consequences. Besides not being able to hear, people with an untreated hearing loss also often experience a series of negative social, mental and physical consequences because of their hearing loss.


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