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I'm Too Young!

Hello. My name is Colleen and I live in Ontario, Canada. I found out 1 year ago that I had hearing loss.

Apparently, my hearing loss is considered 'severe' in the high pitch tones. I was recommended hearing aids. Boy!!! Was that a shock!!! I'm only 40 years old and I have to get hearing aids??? I have to be honest with you, it was a hard pill to swallow. There was a lot of doubt at first.

Once I ordered the hearing aids and actually went in to have them fitted... I then realized how bad my hearing actually was. It brought me to tears once I had the hearing aids in and could hear things I'd never heard before.

For example, the turn signal in my car or the sound of traffic on the expressway across the street from us. My boyfriend found that one quite amusing since the traffic sound had always been there... I just have never really heard it like others. Through the tears and frustration, I was able to have a laugh about this and learned to be thankful that I was able to do something about this disability I now had.

For anyone out there just starting to wear hearing aids, please be patient. It can be very tiring taking in all those noises you never heard before. It took me roughly 4-5 months before I was comfortable with hearing at this level. I am now happy to say that I am not ashamed to wear hearing aids and am glad that there is help for us hearing impaired people.


I'm pleased that you got your hearing aids. I got one earlier this year and felt 'too young' at 51. But now I love my aid as it makes a huge difference to my hearing.1255201915
Your so right, i'm 52 now and have had hearing loss to both ears which i'm told is quite severe, for some years i had an aid but never used it, when things got worse with my hearing some years ago i was given a digital aid, believe me i never want to be without my aid, life would not be the same.1259723651
Thank you Mike and Ian. I am curious Mike what you mean by 'digital'? I wear Bernafon behind the ear aids. I've been told my the hearing specialist that these are entry level aids. This wil probably explain why I'm already at my max. volume with them.1274616083
Hey guyz u are taking abt hearing aid at the young age of 40 to 50 iam still 26 and my ENT surjeon say iam suffering from otochlerosis a genetical disorder with tinnitus as symptom i cant hear whispers any way and cant dare tak to my female folks especially becoz their frequency and pitch icant grasp i came to know abt this disorder 1 month bak wen i got tinnitus signs in my ears doctor say hearing aid or stapedoctemy a michroscopic surgery are the only two options and meanwhile iam given some flouride intake tablets to check weather they work....any waz i have now lost my capacity to whisper with my frenz....just bcoz.....of my fate called genetical disorder and using a hearing aid at 26 age ???????wat will i feel like????if not i shud bring my ear to every one asking sorry...i dnt get u???? sorry come agian??????i dont know weather people have started noticing my impaired i have noticed .....and abt surjery google search say surgery is not 100 percent success it mite fail can any body hear me and my impaired ears story...with your sharp ears....lucky people......god keep your ears safe....forever

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