Hearing implants

Hearing implants are advanced hearing solutions that involve surgery. The different types of hearing implants are targeted at different types of hearing loss.

What are hearing implants?

Hearing implants systems are advanced hearing solutions typically implanted through surgery. One part of the system is implanted (the implant or internal part) and the other part is an externally placed sound processor/audio processor that sits on the head.

Hearing implants are used when you have a hearing loss and would not benefit from the sound amplification of hearing aids. Hearing implants may also be used by people with specific types of hearing loss, such as sensorineural, conductive or mixed hearing loss, as well as people with a damaged or non-existent auditory nerve or those who for some other reason are unable to wear hearing aids.

Types of hearing implants

The common types of hearing implants are:

Who can benefit from hearing implants?

Both adults and children with severe hearing problems or specific types of hearing loss can benefit from the use of hearing implants. Typically, children receive cochlear implants from around 12 months or under special circumstances earlier. For adults, there are no upper age-limit for an implantation, although some preliminary evaluations may be needed for the elderly.

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