Implants are cost-efficient and improve quality of life

Several scientific studies over the last 20 years have proven that hearing implants such as cochlear implants and bone conduction devices are cost-efficient and improve quality of life when implanted.

Hearing implants do not only improve hearing and quality of life if you have a hearing loss. They are also a sound investment for society. Many scientific studies in recent years have found that implants are cost-efficient in many ways. This includes both unilateral and bilateral implantations.

The implantation and the rehabilitation that follows cost money. However, the investment in implants is worthwhile as the person with the implants will be able to hear and will participate in and contribute to society to a greater extent than if the implantation had not taken place. Also, social costs including pensions and social security may often be reduced as a result of an implantation, meaning net savings for society.

Especially for children and younger people, investments in bilateral implantations make great economic sense to society in the long run. For older adults, it is well documented in several scientific studies in recent years that treatment of hearing loss reduces the risk of cognitive decline including dementia and depression thereby reducing the societal cost of these conditions.

Quality of life

For the individual, many scientific studies have shown that implants to a larger extent result in greater and longer quality of life improvements for the individual and their family as well as increasing their opportunities for employment and associated economic benefits.

Implants typically improve quality of life due to:

  • Better understanding of speech and better ability to hear sounds
  • Better ability to participate in and follow conversations
  • Better ability to participate in family life and social activities
  • Better ability to participate in education and training as well as in work life

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