01 July 2016

Improve your overall health and well being with hearing aids

The use of hearing aids has many positive effects on your everyday life and overall health. Scientific studies have found that hearing aids reduce cognitive decline. Hearing aid users enjoy better overall health and increased quality of life than non-hearing aids users with hearing problems. Hearing aids have also proven successful in alleviating negative consequences of untreated hearing loss such as severe fatigue and vigour problems.

Hearing aids counteracts cognitive decline

If you don’t treat your hearing loss, you have an increased risk of accelerated cognitive decline; a French scientific longitudinal study shows. The study also documents that the use of hearing aids almost eliminates this cognitive decline. In fact, hearing impaired people who use hearing aids show similar Cognitive levels to people with no hearing loss.

Severe fatigue and low energy

One in ten adult Europeans have untreated hearing loss which affects the quality of their everyday life. An untreated hearing loss often manifests itself as feelings of low energy results in severe fatigue and vigour problems among non-hearing aid users with hearing difficulties. Surveys have found that hearing aids might help the situation. 

Better quality of life

Surveys also show that most hearing aid users experience increased quality of life. Hearing aid users emphasise a number of specific areas in which their quality of life has improved with the use of hearing aids. These include more effective communication as well as a better social life and better relationships at home. Studies have also shown that the hearing aid users’ feelings, self-confidence and relationships at work have improved due to their hearing aids.

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Listen to hearing loss
Listen to hearing loss

Improve your hearing

It is well documented that people’s cognitive functions e.g. attention, memory, emotion and learning decrease with age and that this is accelerated by an untreated hearing loss. 

But in addition to the use of hearing aids, cognitive training can improve your hearing. 

Talk about your hearing loss

One in three rarely disclose their hearing loss, as they think of it as a private matter, but studies show that it makes everyday life easier if you talk about the hearing loss with the people surrounding you. Women are typically better than men at explaining their hearing loss in a way that fosters communication, as men in general preferred unelaborated disclosure.   

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