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Increase hearing aid battery lifetime

How to make your hearing aid batteries last longer. Find out what affects the lifetime of your hearing aid battery.

Increase hearing aid battery lifetime

The performance of the battery is an important factor for people using hearing aids. Here you will find a guide to what affects the life of your hearing aid batteries and how to make your batteries last longer.

Important factors

Many factors affect how long your hearing aid battery lasts:

  • The greater amplification, the more power the hearing aid needs causing reduced battery life.
  • The physical size matters. Smaller batteries have a shorter life than larger batteries.
  • The usage of hearing aids affects the battery, including how many hours and days per week you wear the hearing aid.
  • Advanced features in hearing aids can reduce the life of the battery.
  • Low humidity can make the battery dry out.
  • High humidity can make the battery swell and leak, reducing battery life.
  • Low temperatures lower the battery voltage, making it reach its functional end point earlier.
  • High altitude with reduced percentage of oxygen lowers the battery voltage, making it reach end point earlier.

The life of a battery

There is no answer to what works best for all hearing aid users. The best way to figure out the lifetime of your hearing aid battery is to note its performance over time.

However, when the hearing aid batteries are dead, don’t throw them away. They pollute the environment. Instead, hand them in to be recycled.

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