22 April 2009

International Noise Awareness Day

Noise is all around us, making noise related hearing loss more and more prevalent at all ages. The annual International Noise Awareness Day brings the noise and the problems associated with it into focus.

?It is time to address the threat that noise poses to hearing, health, learning and behavior,? said Amy Boyle, Director of the Noise Center of the League for the Hard of Hearing.

This year, the International Noise Awareness Day will be held on Wednesday, 29th of April.

Among the many activities planned during International Noise Awareness Day, the public will be asked to observe the Quiet Diet - one minute of quiet, regardless of their location, from 2:15 P.M. to 2:16 P.M.

For more information about International Noise Awareness Day events in your country, contact your local hearing organization.

Source: www.lhh.org/noise

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