23 August 2011

Jean-Claude Van Damme diagnosed with hearing loss

In his many action films, Jean-Claude Van Damme has been exposed to many loud noises and sudden explosions. That has had a negative effect on his hearing.

The well-known actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, who has appeared in such films as Blood Sport and Universal Soldier, has been diagnosed with high-frequency hearing loss.

Van Damme underwent several tests before he was diagnosed with hearing loss. According to his doctor, there is a difference in hearing in high frequencies between both sides of his ears. This means that Van Damme experiences difficulties when several people are talking at the same time. He may hear the sounds but they don't make sense to him. You hear, but you can't understand, his doctor says.

Van Damme's hearing loss cannot be cured. The doctors have advised him to protect his hearing so as to ensure that it is not damaged further.

Source: www.torontosun.com

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