Keep an eye on your hearing aid insurance

Hearing aids can be costly. Who pays the bill if your hearing aids suddenly break or disappear? A hearing aid insurance might be a solution for you.

Whether you bought your hearing aids or received them through a public health system you should be aware what your position would be if they are lost or damaged.

In countries where you pay for your hearing aids you should know whether or not your private insurances cover damaged hearing aids or if separate cover is required. Make sure you ask your insurance company if special rules regulate the coverage of your type of hearing aid. Note that some insurance companies are reluctant to provide a hearing aid insurance and to cover hearing aids, at all.

Check out the rules in different insurance companies, but it can also be useful to ask your hearing aid dispenser who may be able to offer special hearing aid insurance when you purchase your hearing aids.

Even if the public health system in your country provided or paid for your hearing aids you should check if special rules apply for coverage of repairs or new aids. In some countries, replacement aids are provided after a number of years.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, you should know to what extent you may be eligible for public coverage of extra hearing aid expenses or if a private hearing aid insurance might be worthwhile for you.

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