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Listening devices for TV/radio

Listening devices for TV/radio

With a loop system a person who wears hearing aids with a telecoil is able to hear television or radio anywhere. A small microphone is placed near the television or radio; it picks up the sound and sends it to the amplifier and on to the loop. Some public buildings such as cinemas and churches are equipped with loops. A counter loop is a special loop which is used in banks and ticket offices covering the area close to the counter.

An FM-system is a two-component system that consists of a microphone and a transmitter which are worn by the speaker, and a receiver and ear-piece worn by the listener. The signal is transmitted via FM-radio waves. This can be a good solution for lectures or public meetings.

An infrared system works basically like the FM-system. But the signal is transmitted via infrared light waves.
If the hearing-impaired person sits close to a television or a radio, it is also possible to use an ordinary headset or neck loop.

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